Auto Garage (The best professional close relationship with your Mechanic)


“Vehicles can be diagnosed and repaired at a customer’s location, instead of them having to bring the car to a repair shop or even worse, tow it there.”


One of our mechanics went out to a client’s office in the suburbs Nairobi at 8:30pm because the clients’ car wouldn’t start.  It turned out to be a loose wire to the vehicle starter and it was fixed for our minimum service call.

The owner could have called a tow truck, towed his Honda CRV to a local mechanic’s shop and spent more for the tow service than he paid us to fix it.

Then he would have had to wait until the next morning for the auto repair shop to open, put the wire back on and give him another bill.

Instead, he drove the car home that night and back to work in the morning.


We can inspect, diagnose and repair most common vehicle issues at your location.



Booking Fee: (KES 500 – Within CBD; KES 1,000 – Outside CBD; Outside Nairobi [NEGOTIATED])

The customer can call our operator/customer service or go online to to book a Mech. The below is requested;

  • Customer Name
  • Customer Phone Number
  • Customer Location (Actual or Preferred)
  • Vehicle Make, Model & Year
  • Possible Problems (Concerns)

The Process

  1. Confirmation of Booking Fee Payment through our Till:531974
  2. After payment, the Mech disembarks to the Customer with an official AutoParts Garage Job Badge, Booking Number (that is unique to this particular customer’s  booking), Tool Box & Diagnostics Machine (If Necessary).
  3. Mech identifies himself/herself to the customer, presents the booking number and customer confirms with our Customer Rep
  4. Explains quickly but surely what the diagnostics will entail and how he/she intends to do it

Diagnostics Charges: (Between 1,500 – 3,500)

>Diagnostics is done

>Problems tabulated in a clear presentable format

>Results presented to the Customer to make decision on whether to continue with the repair or not



Spare Parts Costs/Charges: Depends on what needs to be fixed and what the customer has agreed to purchase

After the customer agrees to buy spare parts, the client can either source for his own spare parts or allow us to source for him through It will be faster for us and we can offer the 90 day guarantee on our service to our customer.


Labor Charges: Depends on the Scope of Work

Fitting is done step by step with the customer being briefed all the way – This will create ‘Knowledge Management’. By briefing, the customer will understand what caused the damage, how it is being repaired in terms of benefits and how to prevent it from re-occurring. By knowledge management, I mean we will open a ‘file’ for that car’s entire lifespan and the customer will have a detailed records of the same. These records will be extremely useful when he/she decides to dispose the car